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In addition to the livestream, in the media library you will also find inspiring keynotes, success stories from day-to-day business, in-depth industry insights, workshops, and numerous opportunities to learn and interact. Enjoy!

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Presentations you should definitely not miss.

On-Premise infrastructure in use, but cloud in mind – Interview with Peter Verheul from Hoogwegt

In this talk, Peter Verheul (Hoogwegt) and Lukas Kötting (d.velop) speak about how Hoogwegt began working with d.velop, Hoogwegt's current DMS setup, and what the future is likely to bring. On this note: Hoogwegt's ambition is to pursue a consistent cloud strategy. Listen to this interview to gain the latest insights into this issue.

How WWF Germany optimises its incoming invoice process with Teams & SharePoint

As part of efforts to redesign its IT landscape, WWF Germany rolled out Dynamics 365 F&O. The plan was to process and approve incoming invoices digitally. The challenges included limited time before going live and a lack of ready-to-use solutions in the Dynamics environment. Strategic buyer Michael Gandl reports on his experiences and how d.velop was able to help.

Easily mastering the challenges faced when managing complex IT processes

Grenke AG migrated their existing DMS system to a solution based on d.velop documents. During the project phase, various challenges had to be mastered alongside the actual migration itself. d.velop managed services proved to be a great help here, supporting the operation of Grenke AG’s complex IT processes.

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Customer presentations (11 Videos)

17 min

Launching a digital file for the city of Wuppertal

Stadt Wuppertal

21 min

To sign or not to sign – how digital HR works at apetito

apetito AG

33 min

Agile digital transformation in the renewable energy sector – on Energiekontor and d.velop and their years of successful collaboration.

Energiekontor AG

27 min

How WWF Germany optimises its incoming invoice process with Teams & SharePoint


18 min

It’s all in the cloud(s) – How aquatherm digitalises your invoice processing in the SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud

aquatherm GmbH

20 min

The goal: agility and scalability through digital processes with d.velop documents and Salesforce

Berger Touristik Innovative Technology GmbH

22 min

How Hermann Bantleon GmbH seamlessly integrates its document management into Microsoft Dynamics.

Hermann Bantleon GmbH

23 min

The digital file plan for the real estate industry

Bayerische Versorgungskammer

27 min

Easily mastering the challenges faced when managing complex IT processes

Grenke AG

35 min

Grant Thornton – a check-in after implementing d.velop sign two years ago

Grant Thornton AG

19 min

On-Premise infrastructure in use, but cloud in mind – Interview with Peter Verheul from Hoogwegt

Hoogwegt Group B.V.

Product presentations (14 Videos)

Till Schweizer
Sophie Nacke
15 min

d.velop invoices – the smart and efficient invoice management of tomorrow

From accounting to IT – smooth and simple interaction between all departments involved in invoice processing.

Leonie Munke
12 min

d.velop postbox – digital processes for work in a digital world

We will show you how to make smart changes to digitalise your HR processes with d.velop postbox.

Maike Tenk
Marc Lennard Vlaminck
18 min

Cloud migration – your successful path into the d.velop cloud

Why the d.velop cloud is a promising option for you, too.

Bernd Rudde
15 min

No more data dilemmas: Keep it secure in d.velop cloud storage.

Cloud storage as a secure, cost-effective alternative to running your own dedicated servers

Andre Thesker
18 min

Automation at d.velop – successfully designing digital processes

Why the Microsoft Power Automate connector was just the first step.

Sabrina Schüttert
Markus Sünker
18 min

d.velop invoices for SAP – digital invoice processing in your SAP

The connection between employee satisfaction and digital invoice processing in SAP.

Sabrina Schüttert
Markus Sünker
13 min

d.velop documents for SAP – for native document processing in SAP

Document management in SAP as an on-premises solution or in the cloud

Markus Bütterhoff
22 min

d.velop contracts for Microsoft 365 – efficient and secure contract management

Efficient contract management based on Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

Stefan Osterkamp
Markus Gevers
20 min

d.velop invoices for Microsoft 365 – invoice processing in the MS ecosystem

Optimise your entire invoicing process – work with more convenience than ever

Kevin van Hal
Susanne Kroshoff
12 min

d.velop documents for Microsoft 365 – the connector for digital processes

Leverage your potential with the best ECM-Addon for Microsoft 365

Dr. Marcel Heddier
66 min

d.velop documents – a customisable productivity booster

Learn more about current and future innovations in d.velop documents.

Stefan Osterkamp
23 min

d.velop contracts – digital contract management in the cloud

Get to know the advantages and functionalities of digital contract management in the cloud.

Anke Nienhoff
22 min

d.velop sign – a small step with a large impact

Pens are history. Digital signing is the future – legally compliant and sustainable.

Maximilian Haselhoff
9 min

d.velop community connect – mobile networking for work in a digital world

Get to know how the mobile networking of the future works with the d.velop employee app.

Platform presentations (8 Videos)

5 min

alphaflow App Studio – creating your own bespoke solutions

alphaflow App Studio

6 min

Accounting and DATEV – how to create a lean invoicing process for your company

d.velop invoices for DATEV

3 min

Manage travel costs and expenses digitally, quickly, and easily with Declaree

Declaree travel costs and expenses management

5 min

Expand your ERP and financial accounting application – seamless integration with ECM documents

ECM documents

5 min

ecm:one contract management – skilfully manage contracts and deadlines

ecm:one contract management

3 min

Simplify document storage – master data management made easy in the d.velop cloud

rocon business objects editor

5 min

Digital personnel files – the tribus HR file manager as an app

tribus HR file manager

4 min

Digital leave requests – at any time, from anywhere

vlott processes | Leave & sickness

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